"When he leads a practice, Reed creates a warm and supportive environment for yogis at all levels. 

His sense of humor and playfulness shine through while challenging his students to explore and grow. 

He offers individualized adjustments balanced with well placed positive reinforcement."

- Erin Soler, Actor

"Reed approaches his practice with a calm and direct purpose, challenging you while also helping you drop down into your deeper self. There is a quality of love and appreciation that Reed brings into the hot room that cannot be looked past."

- Taylor March, Musician

"Reed has no trouble guiding a room filled to the brim with fidgety New Yorkes and settling them within moments. His strong grasp of physiology mixed with a laid back sense of humor and rigorous creative sequencing means your monkey mind will always be heavily focused on the practice - as every class is a beautiful lesson in life, and in yoga."

-Jamie Salazar, Fashion Designer

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