SOBRIETY is all or nothing. I am sober. Without sobriety, nothing else can be in balance. 

As a result of sobriety, Yoga, and an awareness of what I do and don't eat and drink, I am HEALTHier than I have been in my entire adult life. I intend to stay this way, but of course, things happen and there is also alway room for improvement. 

My PRACTICE is well-grounded and continues with reverent devotion and without interruption over long periods of time. Sutra 1.14 But then again, as Ted likes to quote, "You are perfect the way you are, you just need some improvement".

My husband and I budget and manage MONEY very well, but we need more of it to meet our expenses without spending our savings. We are on the right track to get there but it will take time and diligence.  

Our HOME is lovely, clean, minimal, and green. We practice Soucha to the best of our abilities. Our dogs are loving and our neighborhood is exciting. We are so lucky and grateful we own our little place in the Village. But it requires effort and we are dedicated to that.

I would like spend more LEISURE time traveling, but that depends on us making more money and our work schedules allowing for it. In due time.

After 22 years of MARRIAGE our relationship is stronger than ever. I am so very lucky in this matter. I know that marriages have highs and lows, but I also know that we will only continue to grow as a couple.

I have very loving FAMILY relationships with my mother, brother, niece, and nephew, but they are somewhat strained and the communication between is is seldom. I would like to have a more consistent dialogue with all of them.

I have lived and worked and played in THEATRE for over 30 years and I am very passionate about it. However, that passion has waned over the past few years and my contribution and been less fullfiling. I would like the actual work that I do in theatre to be more rewarding.

My yoga TEACHING practice is going very well and in a very good place. I feel very well trained and supported. Now I want more classes. Once a week is not enough.