We amplify our own potential by supporting each other.

Community Support

The Challenge

Strengthen ties in your community by creating sustainable methods of communication, connection and support.

The Project

I have two strong communities in my life; Yoga and Theatre. It surprises me that the two don't intersect more, and think this project would be a good opportunity to bridge that divide. 




The Event

On September 30th, 2017 from 12:00-2:00 I hosted a FREE Creative Movement and Contact Improv Class at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC, for the Modo Yoga Community. This two-hour workshop explored creative movement through contact improv, and other theatre and movement related exercises, on stage at the Cherry Lane Theatre. No judgments, no pressure, no audience, and no experience or preparation was necessary; just an open mind, a desire to have fun, and the curiosity to move in a new, theatrical way on a real Off-Broadway stage.  The workshop was led by Whitney Glandon; Yoga, Dance, and Theatre Teacher, Modo student, and professional performer.


September, 2017