Karma classes raise millions. Active service raises hope and changes lives.

Reach Out

The Challenge

Find a charity, local shelter, activist group or individual in need and commit to helping however you can.


The Project

As a native Puerto Rican where most of his family still resides, Cherry Lane Theatre's Artistic Director felt called to action to help those affected by the recent hurricanes that ravished his home. For help, he turned to the theatre he runs, the artists he works with, and his staff he relies on. We all quickly volunteered to help mount a benefit at our theatre.

The Benefit

On Sunday, October 22, 2017, at 8:00 PM at the Cherry Lane Theatre, my co-workers and I presented "Indestructible", A Special Benefit Event to help those affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.


Personally, I was responsible for all front of house and donation services including; building the event in our ticketing software, selling and tracking tickets and donations, processing donation receipts and thank you letters, running the box office, staffing and overseeing house management and volunteer ushers, and offering support as needed with food, drink and other hospitality services. 


With a goal of $10,000, we raised just over $27,000.


October, 2017