This class was wonderful. We are learned to read and recite the Sanskrit Alphabet, to read and write some Devanagari script, the etymology of some important words, and read and recite selected mantras and verses. The teacher was very calm, informative, helpful, and fun to be with in a classroom. I very much enjoyed learning basic Sanskrit. Learning the alphabet has already helped my pronunciation while reading. We also had really interesting conversations about Vedic philosophy which was great. I plan to take part 2 of the class in December. 

Introduction to Sankrit

In this class, we used the Bhagavad Gita as a guide to discuss large themes in the book. While I enjoyed the teacher and the readings, I did not enjoy the group dynamic. Much time was spent listening to people discuss things in their lives like "what to feed the cat", or "what was experienced on a recent Iowaska trip." I wish the class had been more focused on the text, and less focused on sharing experiences from the past week. I am, however, glad that it forced me the read the entire Gita again, which was much easier the since the first go around a year ago. I would take a class from this teacher again, but not in this format.

Bhagavad Gita