Day One: i'm trying to train someone at work and that person keeps interrupting me with "I already know how to do that."


Day Two: it seems that every dog in the neighborhood is out at the same time and it makes walking my dogs very challenging and I'm tired and want to go home and eat.


Day Three: an airplane flies so low over the city it reminds me of 9/11.


Day Four: the line at Sweetgreen is long and no one who works there is paying attention to my end of the line and I'm late for work. 


Day Five: right after leaving yoga a stranger yells at me, "you crazy mother fucker! You have to be fucking crazy!"


Day Six: when my boss sends this email, "There will be demolition and construction going on in the apt above the offices for the next few weeks. Please don't be alarmed by the noise. Sorry for the inconvenience."


Day Seven: when I'm giving directions on the street to some lost tourists and a rude man interrupts me and gives them different directions.


Day Eight: when someone is needed to run the light board at work but no one is available and I volunteer which ends up making matters worse and frustrates my boss further.


Day Nine: when the toilet clogs at 5am.


Day Ten: when the person whom I am volunteering for on a pretty involved and lengthy project blows me off for the third time and I assume he no longer wants my participation.


Day Eleven: when my husband has a very bad day at work and takes it out on me because I left a glass of water in the refrigerator to chill.


Day Twelve: when several different people need me in several different places at the same time.


Day Thirteen: when my 20 minute break in a 13 hour day is taken over by a woman who can't find her tickets for a show that is happening in a month.


Day Fourteen: when I get turned down for a grant that I worked very long and hard for.​

Be Peace when...

This project was surprisingly fascinating and very helpful. I feel that in a small way, I re-trained my mind to quickly identify situations that initiated a stress response, and then to counter that stress almost automatically. It is like the mantra acted as a "conditioned reinforcer", that triggered my mind to automatically relax and breath through stressful situations. I believe in psychology this is called "operant conditioning". It is used to train animals. In my Sanskrit class, we discussed how mantras are used to focus and free the mind. I definitely think this mantra exercise did that for me in these situations.

Day Fifteen: when someone in my group discussion class hijacks and dominates most of the class with her own, somewhat unrelated stories


Day Sixteen: when, within a matter of a few minutes at work, I find out i did several unrelated things wrong last week that adversely effected my departments. 


Day Seventeen: when the street traffic is so loud I can't here my podcast.


Day Eighteen: when my Metro-Card takes five swipes to work and just I miss the train.


Day Nineteen: when Donald Trump.


Day Twenty: when I quickly and inadvertently snap to judgment on people or projects that I normally love and support.


Day Twenty-One: when I'm really hungry and the line at the Sweetgreen is out the door.


Day Twenty-Two: when I outwardly yell at my phone at work when it is slow to load a text message. 


Day Twenty-Three: when my two bosses are arguing about something that I can't help resolve.


Day Twenty-Four: when the grocery store's system is down and they only take cash.


Day Twenty-Five: when at work the phone lines are down, the water is shut off, and the front door is broken.


Day Twenty-Six: when the line at the convenience store is stalled because people are deciding what Loto numbers to play. 


Day Twenty-Seven: when my boss is trying to say something important to the group and my co-worker keeps interrupting him and he can't say what he is trying to say.


Day Twenty-Eight: while walking in a downpour, a care splashes a large puddle of water all over my jeans.


Day Twenty-Nine: when my husband losses patience with me when I don't put the laundry away immediately upon his asking.


Day Thirty: when so many things are trying my patience and I realize it must be me, not those things.